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Pediatric Dentistry

Your child’s newly-emerging teeth should receive proper pediatric dental care and benifit from the beginning of tooth emerging.

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You might not consider your infant's oral health much when all you see is a big gummy smile, but the earlier you start, the better.

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The team at Dr. Sierk in Highlands Ranch will make your child’s first visit to our kids friendly office enjoyable and positive.

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Dental care for teens starts with good habits when they are young, and seeing Dr. Sierk, their dentist in Highlands Ranch.

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How far would you go for your child's smile? At Sierk Pediatric Dentistry in Highlands Ranch, our dentist clinic is in the business of helping infants, children and teens have the best smile possible. The members of our talented, family-oriented team are experienced in cultivating the type of friendly atmosphere that reduces anxiety, helping our young patients feel more comfortable with their Highlands Ranch dentist.

A Welcoming Dental Office in Highlands Ranch

Our warm dental office staff does their absolute best to make our clients and their families feel at ease from the moment you walk into our Highlands Ranch location. Children do not come into this world with a fear of pediatric dentistry, but being in a new, unknown environment can be frightening. If it's your child's first dentist visit, we want to make sure it is a positive, and even enjoyable experience. As Highlands Ranch's premier pediatric dentist, it's our job to foster in your child a responsible relationship with their teeth. After fifteen years of doing just that, we're confident that as your kid's dentist, they'll be smiling brightly for years to come.

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At Jonathan Sierk, We provide the following services







Preventive Care

Root Canals


When to Consider Dr. Jon Sierk Pediatric Dentistry in Highlands Ranch

A child's first tooth will emerge between the ages of six to twelve months, with twenty more emerging by the age of three. To prevent dental problems, your child should see Dr. Sierk in Highlands Ranch when your child's first tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday. Primary, or "baby," teeth are important for many reasons, not only do they help children speak clearly and chew naturally, but they also aid in forming a path those permanent teeth can follow when they are ready to emerge. An expert pediatric dentist like Dr. Jon in Highlands Ranch serves to keep those teeth, and your child, healthy for the years to come by monitoring their development and teaching the child how to form good dental health habits.

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Sierk Pediatric Dentistry is located on the second floor of the Eastridge Medical Building, at the northeast corner of Lincoln and Quebec in Highlands Ranch. Jonathan Sierk has been serving children and families of Highlands Ranch since completing his pediatric specialty training in 2003. Our treatments range from cosmetic procedures to emergency dentistry and comprehensively cover everything in between. Providing effective, friendly, and professional dentistry in for the children of Highlands Ranch is our daily practice. As winners of the “Denver’s Top Dentists” award from 5280 Magazine every year since 2011, we’re confident that our office in Highlands Ranch can tend to the dental needs of your family. Our dentist clinic understands that families are very busy, and we do our very best to accommodate appointments to fit your needs, even offering to schedule multiple siblings at once in Highlands Ranch if needed. Our goal as your kid’s dentist is to facilitate a healthy lifestyle for your child and their smile. We’ve done some amazing things regarding dentistry for children in Highlands Ranch, and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for your child’s smile. Call Sierk Pediatric Dentistry in Highlands Ranch today!

About Us

Sierk Pediatric Dentistry is a pediatric dentistry office for children all ages in the Highlands Ranch area. We take kids dental hygiene seriously at our dental clinic.